Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Perl Proteomics & InSilicoSpectro

In contrast with genomics, bioinformaticians in proteomics don’t have a "big" and "complete" perl library for proteomics data analysis. It could be related with the "heterogeneity" in proteomics. A lot of different instruments, protocols, properties. Also genomic have a huge community (bioinformaticians) and standardize tools (instruments and software’s). In 2006 Collinge and Masselot published an open-source perl library named InSilicoSpectro. The aim was provide a set of recurrent functions that are necessary for proteomics data analysis.

Some of the Illustrative functions are: mz list file format conversions, protein sequence digestion, theoretical peptide and fragment mass computations, graphical display, matching with experimental data, isoelectric point estimation (with different methods), and peptide retention time prediction.