Tuesday, 12 November 2013

My List of Most Active Twitter Users in Proteomics

Recently, I published a list of my top influential authors in Computational proteomics. The list was created using a my PhD References and other resources such as linkedin, twitter, google scholar. I will try to do the same here using the most active twitter accounts that i follow. Twitter can be incredibly powerful for both consuming and contributing to the dialogue in your field. Twitter can be an excellent real-time source of new publications, fresh developments, and current opinion.  If you like and use twitter these are some of the twitter account i follow (no order) in Proteomics:

Paul RudnickPaul Rudnick @PaulRudnick 
Bioinformatician at NIST | Lead proteomics data scientist | Enjoys family life | Longtime fan of good video games
Pedro Beltrao Pedro Beltrao @pedrobeltrao 
Group leader at the EMBL-EBI studying the evolution of interaction networks. (Evolution, Bioinformatics Systems Biology)

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